Twenty Twenty Vision

I had the luxury of being able to take a week’s leave two weeks ago, and with that leave came some space from the workplace; and time to think, and read and then think some more.  I found that when I applied myself to some tasks set by my supervisor, I was able, with time […]

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Earlier Bird

I promised clarity of thought, this morning, so here goes.  Work and life being what they respectively are at the moment, the least worst time for me to plan is going to be on a Sunday.  That’s what I need to get back to.  I need to spend half an hour planning a week at […]

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Taking Stock

I have written derivatives of this post more times that I care to own up to.  I still don’t feel in control of this process; and it’s my own fault because I am not as organised as I need to be. I’ve been trying to compare the QAA criteria for L6 and L7 qualifications this […]

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Catching Up, 12th October

This is what I meant to catch up with last week, and didn’t Thursday, 2nd October I’m writing about transitions from L6 to L7 (PT) PG studies in education.  I want it to be specific to studies in education and from L6 to L7 because that’s what I do; and because my learners are typically […]

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So far, not so good:(

It’s been a whole week since I last wrote about my EdD journey.  Since my last post a week ago, I have been laid low by a week of face-ache; which may or may not be trigeminal neuralgia.  This in itself is a reminder to me of a lesson that I learned a long time […]

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